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Total revamp: Rockwell completes office refurb


Cork City headquarters refurb

Relocating from the original premises in Macroom, county Cork, Rockwell found it’s new home in the metropolitan area of Cork city in 2018. With two floors, the first floor serving as offices and the ground floor as storage, the companies newfound growth called for a redesign of the space available. Abandoning the industry tradition of function over fashion, Rockwell enlisted the help of M2 Office designers to blend these two concepts.

What resulted was a sharp and skilfully arranged workspace, with every inch of space carefully considered to maximise potential. In the main office space on the first floor, furniture was cleverly renovated to reduce cost and waste. Many of the desks in use were in perfect condition, in keeping with Rockwell’s sustainable strategy, M2 repurposed the existing desks into adjustable standing desks. Users can now adjust desk height to optimise the ergonomics of their work position, as well as having the option of working from a standing position.

With the ground floor space being converted from storage to office space, the potential to reimagine the floors layout was immense. With a repositioning of the main entrance, the centre storage room was renovated into a tasteful reception area. What used to be a cluttered file room, is now home to Rockwell’s Human Resources department.

A space that also received a touch up was the canteen. The space had suffered some wear and tear after some years of usage, but now after a seamless renovation, the canteen is now fully equipped with new appliances and furniture. Providing our staff with a fresh area to refuel and recharge.

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