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Sustainability and Quality

Driven to deliver projects of the highest quality and committed to continued engineering sustainability progress.

Committed to excellence

Our commitment to both quality and sustainability practices is borne out in our day-to-day work. Led by our quality manager, our robust quality management system ensures all project work is delivered to the highest standards, underpinned by ISO certification. We’ve delivered multiple projects under the LEED framework. We continue to invest in engineering sustainability, with a number of significant ongoing projects aimed at minimising our environmental impact.

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Embracing LEED Standards

We’ve completed multiple projects at both Gold and Platinum levels under the LEED Framework, which promotes healthy, efficient, and cost-effective building practices. The framework helps to ensure compliance across a numbers of key areas in the design and construction of buildings. Key LEED standards include:


  • Minimum energy performance for equipment.
  • Waste management and material selections to minimise waste and environmental impact.
  • Improved indoor air quality with low-emitting materials.
  • Enhanced acoustic performance.
  • Innovation and cleanliness standards.

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Sustainability Projects

Protecting our environment

We’re committed to protecting our natural environment, to investing in sustainability projects, improving our processes, and to setting ambitious sustainability targets. We aim to leave only a positive impact on our natural world. Some of our planned projects include:

  • Clean energy: Adopting renewable energy sources for our Cork office.
  • EV charging: Introducing electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Sustainable Transport Solutions: Transferring our fleet to environmentally friendly fuels.
  • Waste reduction: Reduced waste to landfill through recycling and process improvements.

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Robust quality management

From fabrication to installation, every step of a project is guided by our rigorous quality management system. Led by our senior quality manager and with dedicated onsite quality teams, our experts ensure all projects are delivered to the highest standards.

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Proven Quality Process

Consistent, repeatable, reliable quality processes

Our dedicated fabrication facility operates under stringent quality control measures aligned with ISO9001 standards. Our detailed quality process is a repeatable step-by-step system that promotes consistency and reliability in all we deliver.

Step 1

Take-off sheet to commence the project.

A detailed take-off sheet initiates the workshop process and is used to meticulously track each stage of fabrication. Details captured include the exact specifications, fabrication standards, cleaning standards (typically to TR19 requirements) and material of construction.

Step 2

Thorough quality inspection.

On completion, the fabrication manager conducts a thorough quality inspection, verifying the order’s accuracy and integrity. Ducts are meticulously cleaned, capped, and accompanied by the take-off sheet during transit to the site.

Step 3

Delivery and verification.

On arrival to site, careful offloading procedures are followed to protect the ducts and ensure the integrity of end caps. The foreman cross-checks the delivery against the order sheet to confirm accuracy.

Step 4

Ongoing inspection.

Onsite quality engineers oversee ongoing inspections of ductwork, pipework, and equipment, ensuring adherence to standards throughout the project lifecycle.

We’re delivering large-scale projects for global clients in the pharma sector. There’s no room for error when it comes to quality. On every project, there’s absolutely zero compromise. We do it right, every time.
Mark Hall, Quality Manager, Rockwell

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