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Rockwell marks new era with a new logo


Out with the old, in with the new

Few Irish firms have experienced the level of organisational change that Rockwell has in the last few months. As the company’s new senior leadership works to usher in the new era, some cosmetic and visual changes seemed warranted.

Attributing the greatest respect and recognition to the achievements that are represented by the old company logo, Rockwell’s new senior leadership paid tribute to the past with their new company logo, that was designed as an evolved version of its predecessor.

Keeping the trademark Rockwell red, marketing and design experts Maverick reimagined the essence of the company ethos and succeeded in conveying these values in the company’s new emblem. Shortening the company name to just Rockwell and swapping out the original emblem with a unique and distinctive shape that will soon be synonymous with the company.

Maverick’s process for creating the company logo was far from presumption or conjecture. Once a general font, shape and style was identified, Maverick ran the first iteration of the logo through a series of tests and analysis.

The feedback from said tests would consist of impressions that the preliminary logo yielded. Maverick would incorporate the impression into the changes made to the logo, until the impressions aligned with the reputation Rockwell worked so hard to instil.

The next challenge was application, the logistical challenge of rebranding all signs, vehicles and PPE required significant planning and co-ordination from both Maverick and Rockwell. With sites all over the country, Rockwell’s procurement and logistical department organised the purchase and shipping of re-branded PPE and safety signage to all our live sites.

In our HQ in Cork, the business development department organised the design, fabrication and instal of interior and exterior signage that bare the new logo. With all parts in place, Rockwell converted entirely to the new logo and the company’s new era had a brand that would proudly represent.

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