Clean Rooms & GMP Facilities

Clean Rooms & GMP Facilities

Rockwell have a dedicated design construction team that focus on the provision of clean room facilities, inclusive of clean room envelope construction incorporating walls, door, ceiling and floor finishes in keeping with the user specification.

Requirement specification:

The mechanical, electrical and process service requirements for the room are designed and installed to GMP classification standards. Our in house commissioning and validation engineering team ensure delivery of the clean room to the highest standard, fully in accordance with the room classification requirements. As a follow on service, Rockwell's validation and maintenance team provide annual service maintenance for the complete clean room installation, HVAC plant, refrigeration, boiler plant, carry out room particle counts, overall system validation and certification on an annual basis. Rockwell have provided clean room and walk on ceilings to many of our clients, notably Novartis, MSD, Pfizer, Nypro, Tornier and NUIG.

Energy Management & Heat recovery

Energy Management & Heat recovery

Rockwell have been involved in several energy system upgrades whose purpose was to improve system operation efficiencies in order to reduce operating costs and reduce carbon emissions.
Rockwell have installed commercial scale bio- mass boilers, district heating systems and has incorporated CHP units to meet base thermal loads, while providing on site electrical generation capacity.
Rockwell have also installed large scale heat recovery projects at ALZA, Coke, Novartis, Hollister and Elan. In these instances heat was recovered from HVAC exhaust air for use in pre–heating of supply air. Rockwell also install commercial scale heat pumps and commercial solar heating and solar hot water generation.

HVAC Distribution Ductwork Systems

HVAC Distribution Ductwork Systems

Rockwell are a key contractor in the provision of large scale HVAC distribution ductwork systems. We have a highly experienced construction management and installation team in place to complete large scale projects. We have developed a streamlined procedure for the manufacture and procurement of ductwork and associated in line equipment, to the highest quality and cleanliness classification.

Ductwork and site equipment is scheduled for site delivery on a continuous basis throughout the project construction schedule. All ductwork is pressure tested following site installation in accordance with DW142 specification requirements.

Our site management team are long serving direct company employees and are fully trained from a safety and installation skills view point. This ensures delivery of the installation to the highest quality and cleanliness standard. Our employees are used to working within a demanding program, fully in accordance with the health and safety requirements of the industry and any clients specific requirements.

Typically installation rates of fifteen hundred square meters of ductwork per week are common place on large sites, with site crew of up to fifty personnel. Recent projects completed by Rockwell includes Pfizer OSP 4, Pfizer Biopharma Grange Castle, Lilly IE 2, Genzyme, Intel Fab 10, Pfizer Nutritional Askeaton and Novartis.

Specialist Extract Systems & Dust Control Systems.

Specialist Extract Systems & Dust Control Systems

In addition to general ventilation systems Rockwell provide specialist extract systems catering for fume and particulate extracts generated in manufacturing processes in the pharma, biopharma, chemical, electronics, health care and medical, wood, metal and plastics processing industry.

Typically the systems are high velocity extract systems with galvanised or stainless steel ductwork systems.

PVC or GRP ductwork is used in systems where corrosive air streams are a consideration, laboratory extract systems for example.

The provision of central filtration plant to HEPA grade standard and air scrubbers ensuring safe discharge of exhaust air streams to atmosphere and client adherence to by law and EPA license emissions requirement.

Heat recovery equipment, be it heat recovery coils or thermal wheel can also be incorporated into the system.

General Mechanical & Electrical Building Services.

General Mechanical & Electrical Building Services

Rockwell have completed a large number of mechanical and electrical building services contracts serving a broad spectrum of the industry, including hotels and leisure, manufacturing, schools, health care and commercial and office developments.

As in our other service sectors we provide competent and highly trained and experienced management, engineering and site installation personnel to ensure efficient and timely delivery of our projects to the highest quality standards.

Typical installations include central boiler plant with distribution heating system and control and monitoring systems, central air handling and chilled water plant and associated ductwork and pipework distribution system, sprinkler and general fire protection installations, thermal insulation and heat recovery equipment.

Main electrical distribution equipment, transformer installations, high and low voltage cabling, small power and lighting installation, access control, specialist data cabling system network and CCTV specialist installations are provided on typical electrical services contract.

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